Football ‘N’ America is the premier co-ed youth flag football organization in the country. Our corporate office, including our owner/ambassador, Drew Brees, offers unparalleled support and resources for our commissioners helping them to bring the best youth sports experience to their community.

Each of our commissioners has a unique motivation for bringing FNA to their community. As you will see below, being an FNA commissioner can fit any lifestyle.


Q: Is past football experience a requirement to become a commissioner?

A: No, most of our commissioners do not come from a football background

Q: What expenses does FNA pay for?

A: Field rentals, referee costs, uniforms, player equipment, and trophies/awards

Q: Is there an upfront licensing fee to be part of the FNA brand?

A: No

Q: What are the responsibilities of a commissioner?

A: To handle the day-to-day mechanics of running the league. This includes but is not limited to:

Preseason: Marketing your league, identifying available fields, uniform and equipment orders, scheduling, rostering, parent & coach communication

In-season: Gameday operation, securing referees, ongoing parent & coach communication

Q: What level of support do commissioners receive?

A: Online Commissioner Portal: An in-depth, step-by-step guide developed by Drew Brees, the corporate office, and our most experienced commissioners

The corporate office offers a mentorship program providing access to highly experienced commissioners as a day-to-day resource as well as corporate phone and email support as needed.

Q: When are the leagues typically in-season?

A: Fall and Spring are typically when we see the most success. However, it is on a case-by-case basis and is left to the commissioner’s discretion based on the demand within their community.

Q: How much money can a commissioner expect to earn?

A: On average, commissioners make approximately $45 per registrant.

While annual compensation will vary based on the size of the league, we do have multiple commissioners that make over $100,000 per year.

Commissioners can make additional income through local vendor sponsorships and online sales.

Q: What is the league registration fee?

A: The registration fee varies from league to league and is left up to the commissioner. Additionally, FNA ensures no kid is left behind and will find a way to make it available for everyone

Q: What do participants receive with the participation fee?

A: Each player receives a custom jersey and shorts, Brees Clips with flags, mouthguard, and the benefits of our Signing Bonus

Q: What is the Signing Bonus?

A: The Signing Bonus is an FNA program executed by our corporate office wherein local and national sponsors provide participants with benefits such as dining vouchers, local discounts, trading cards and more

Q: What is the time commitment per day?

A: From registration opening to season conclusion, most commissioners spend, on average, 1-2 hours per day on FNA (outside of gameday)

Q: What should my next step be if I want to explore being a commissioner?

A: Simply complete the form below and will be in touch to schedule a call to discuss further.

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